Technical Desktops

98x5 Computers Selection:

1) 9815 (1975)
2) 9825 (1976)
3) 9831A (1977)
4) 9845 (1977)
5) 1350A Graphics Translator (1977)
6) 9835 (1978)
7) 9855A (1980)
8) 3054A Data Acquisition System (1981)


Through the middle 1970s, HP had been very successful with its desktop technical computers. The handheld calculator "gold rush" that started in 1972 had been even more successful. Between 1975 and 1978, HP introduced five desktop machine families, from compact (9815) to bulky and powerful (9845). The 9845 was the first computer from HP to "look" like a modern PC, with a twelve inch CRT screen. The 9845 family had an astounding seven year life. The 9825 introduced a new language to HP computing (HPL). It was produced in large volumes and became the workhorse instrument controller from HP. In 1979, HP led the world in sales of desktop computers with 32 percent market share (IBM was second with 19 percent of the market).

HP shipped more than 85,000 of the 9825 and 9845 combined (Computer News: September 1, 1985).

These products were developed and manufactured at HP's Loveland Division and Fort Collins Division.

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The museum has an extensive collection of software available for download for these computers. Click here for the software listing.

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