Technical Desktops

Handheld Selection:

1) 75C (1982)
2) 71B (1983)
3) 94 (1985)


HP began building handheld computers very early. It could be argued that the 35 was HP's first handheld computer in 1972. The all-conquering 41C of 1979 could also be viewed as HP's first handheld computer. For mostly arbitrary reasons, the museum has deemed these devices to be calculators and nominated the 75C of 1982 as HP's first handheld computer (with built-in BASIC language). The handheld computers of the 1980s (71, 75 and 94) were designed primarily for technical work in the field. These machines were very rugged, compact and powerful for their size. The handheld computers of the 1990s were primarily PDAs with some basic business computing functionality built in.

Software for the HP-75 and HP-71 can be found here. Software for the HP-94 can be found here and here.

Jeff Garnier has created a very clever USB interface to connect HP-IL computers to modern PCs. PIL-Box.

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