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2000F Time Share System

Early 2000 Selection:

Name: 2000 Timeshare System
Product Number: 2000
Introduced: 1969
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Original Price: $90500
Catalog Reference: 1975, page 542
Donated by: John Geremin, Sydney Australia (on loan)


HP introduced its bundled Time-Share BASIC systems starting in 1969 with the 2000A ($90,500). Subsequent models included the 2000B (1970), 2000C (1971) and 2000E (1971, priced under $50,000). The original 2000A was based around the 2116B. Later models were based around 2100-series computers. HP introduced only one version (the last) of its 2000 Systems based around 21MX computers in 1975. The low end of the 2000/Access systems was priced at $62,900.

These rack-mounted systems included a number of components. The 2000F (1974, $105,000) included a 2100A, 2100S, 7905 Disc Drive, 7970B magnetic tape drive and 2748B paper tape reader. In the 2000F, the 2100S handled system control, storage and computation tasks, while the 2100A managed terminal communications (up to 32 concurrent users).

Other bundled HP computer systems included the 2005A (1969). The 2005A included a 2116B, 2752A and 2737A. The 2007A "Educational Computer System" was also introduced in 1969 and included a 2114B, 2761A and 2752A. The 2120A Disc Operating System was introduced in 1971 and included a 2100A, 7900A, 2752A and 2748A/B. Many other peripherals were available as options. The 9701A/B "Distributed System" was introduced in 1973 and included a 2100S, 7900A, 2748A, 2752A and 2100A.

HP was an instrument company when it entered the computer business in 1966. From the beginning, HP marketed bundled computer systems for test and measurement applications. The computer components of the 2018A data acquisition system (1967) included a 2116A computer, 2752A teleprinter and usually a 2753A tape punch. The 9500 Series of automatic test systems was introduced with the 9500A in 1968 and ran through the late 1970s. The computer components of the original 9500A included a 2116B computer, 2737A tape reader and 2752A teleprinter. The 2060A digital logic module test system was also introduced in 1968 and included the same computer components. The 9600 Series of data acquisition systems was introduced in 1971. This system was based around the 2100A computer.

The last of the bundled 2000 systems was obsoleted in June of 1978.

In 1980, an HP 2000 system appeared on a 55 cent stamp for Christmas Island (Australian dependency).

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