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Name: 100LX
Product Number: F1020A
Introduced: 1993
Division: Corvallis
Original Price: $749
Catalog Reference: 1994, page 596
Donated by: Phil Hocking, Laubman and Pank South Australia.


The 100LX was a more expandable version of the 95LX. It had the same standard features as the 95LX, but offered additional expandability. The 100LX came standard with 1MB RAM which was expandable to up to 64MB using the PCMCIA (Vesrion 2.0) slot. The 100LX also offered additional built-in software including Database and Notetaker.

Click here to see the 100LX in an article on the Silicon Valley TV program "Computer Chronicles" in 1993. (1 minute 9 seconds, 4.5MB).

To learn everything you ever wanted to know about the 95LX/100LX/200LX, visit our collection of the outstanding publication Palmtop Paper.

Be sure to read about the history of Portable Navigator. This marine navigation system was written by former HP employee Graham Collins and ran on HP palmtops (and earlier machines).

As of 2014, there is still an active commercial market for 95/100/200LX palmtops (products, accessories and repairs). The worldwide leader in the market is Thaddeus Computing.

Software and manuals for the 100LX can be found here.

Collector's Notes:

AS of 2013, the 95LX, 100LX and 200LX are all still very common and still very reliable. It is very handy that these palmtops can be run from regular AA batteries. Over 95 percent of the units we see are in fully functioning condition.

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