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Vectra RS/20 with VGA Monitor

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Name: Vectra RS/20
Product Number: D1601A
Introduced: 1987
Division: Personal Office Computer
Ad: Click to see
Original Price: $7995
Catalog Reference: 1989, page 682
Donated by: Hewlett Packard Australia Ltd.


The Vectra RS range was HP's first "tower" computer range. These machines were designed specifically to be network servers. The Vectra RS computers were the first from HP to offer the new Intel 80386 CPU. These computers came standard with ESDI (Enhanced Small Device Interface) disc drive controllers to run ESDI disc drives designed and manufactured by HP. The cabinets of the RS machines were very easy to access, making upgrades and reconfigurations simple. The Vectra RS series featured eight expansion slots and came standard with between one and four MB RAM, upgradable to 16 MB. The ESDI disc drives came in capacities of 103 MB (D1674A), 155 MB (D1675A) and 310 MB (D1676A). The Vectra RS computers also included an HP-HIL interface for connecting mouse and keyboard. The Vectra RS/16, RS/20 and RS/25 offered CPU clock speeds of 16 MHz, 20 MHz and 25 MHz respectively.

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