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Vectra PC-308M

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Name: Vectra PC-308
Product Number: 82314A
Introduced: 1987
Division: Corvallis Workstation Operation
Original Price: $6155
Catalog Reference: 1988, page 638


The PC-305 and PC-308 were HP's DOS-based instrument controllers. The PC-305 was introduced in 1987 and based on the Vectra CS PC. The model name PC-308 was introduced in 1987 based on the original Vectra PC. The product itself had been available the previous year without the PC-308 branding. In 1988, the PC-308 was based on the Vectra ES/12. These machines included an HP BASIC Language Processor System consisting of an interface card containing HP BASIC, 512K RAM and and HP-IB connector (P/N 82300A/B). These controllers came in various graphics bundles with the part number sequence of 8231XX.

The PC-312 (82333D) was introduced in 1989 based on a 80386-20MHz CPU (QS/20 platform).

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