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Vectra LS/12

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Name: Vectra LS/12
Product Number: D1024A
Introduced: 1988
Division: Sunnyvale Personal Computer
Original Price: $4999
Catalog Reference: 1990, page 674
Donated by: David Loncasty, New South Wales.


The Vectra LS/12 was HP's third attempt at a "full-size standard" portable computer, following the Portable/Portable Plus and Vectra Portable CS. The Vectra LS/12 featured an Intel 80L286 CPU running at 12 MHz and came standard with one MB RAM, expandable to 2 MB. The electroluminescent screen was very readable and the battery pack was detachable. The LS/12 came standard with a 3.5 inch floppy disc drive and either a 20 MB hard disc (D1024A) or a 40 MB hard disc (D1044A). HP OEM'ed this product from Zenith Data Systems.

The LS/12 was on the market for just over a year and was not replaced. The LS/12 was removed from the corporate price list on February 1, 1990. After the LS/12, HP did not re-enter the notebook market until the introduction of the Omnibook 300 in 1993.

Collector's Notes:

As of 2013, it appears that just under half of these notebooks are in mostly working order. The most common problem for the LS/12 is with the screen. Bad hard discs are also common.

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