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Vectra QS/16s with VGA Monitor

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Name: Vectra QS/16s
Product Number: D1462B
Introduced: 1989
Division: Sunnyvale Personal Computer
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Original Price: $2099
Catalog Reference: 1991, page 682
Donated by: Phil Hocking, Laubman and Pank, South Australia.


The Vectra QS/16s was HP's first desktop PC to use the Intel 80386SX CPU (16 MHz clock speed). These computers came standard with 1 MB RAM, upgradable to 32 MB. Various combinations of floppy drives were offered (3.5 inch and 5.25 inch), and hard discs up to 84 MB were available. The part numbers in this range were: D1381B, D1461B, D1462B ($3,199), D1464B ($3,199), D1488B ($3,599) and D1489B ($3,599).

The Vectra QS/20 was the 20 MHz version of the Vectra QS/16s. Model numbers in this series included: D1491B ($2,699), D1421B ($2,699), D1422B ($3,799), D1424B ($3,799), D1498B ($4,199), D1499B ($4,199).

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