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Name: Omnibook 800
Product Number: F1171A
Introduced: 1996
Division: Corvallis
Original Price: Unknown
Catalog Reference: Does not appear
Donated by: Roger Stocco, HP Australia.


The Omnibook 800 was the last of the sub-portable Omnibooks. It was also the first to come with a Pentium processor. Three CPUs were offered: 166 MHz, 133MHz, and 100 MHz. The Omnibook 800 came standard with 16 MB RAM, expandable to 48 MB (80 MB in the MMX version). Three hard disc configurations were available: 772 MB, 1.34 GB, and 2 GB. The screen was 10.4 inch diagonal in either TFT or DSTN. The part numbers in this series were F1171A, F1172A, F1173A, F1174A, F1175A and F1360A.

The Omnibook 800 was based on the same form factor as the Omnibook 600. However, the system software on the Omnibook 800 resided on an internal hard disc (under the right side of the front of the keyboard), rather than on a PCMCIA hard disc.

Collector's Notes:

As pf 2014, Omnibook 800s are still fairly reliable. About 80 percent of the units at the museum are fully functional.

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