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Name: 2392A
Product Number: 2392A
Introduced: 1984
Division: Grenoble Personal Computer
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Original Price: $1295
Catalog Reference: 1985, page 87


The 2392A was the first of HP's "modern" terminals. It was much less expensive than the 262X terminals. The 2392A was a text-only terminal with enhanced display features. Its 12-inch CRT produced characters in a 7 x 12 dot matrix. It came standard with a tilt and swivel base. The 239X terminals offered three optional interfaces:

40210R - RS-232C

40210P - 8-bit parallel

40210H - HP-IB

The 2394A text-only terminal was introduced in 1985 and priced at $1,795. The 2394A looked the same as the 2392A but offered additional features including more memory and faster display speed.

Collector's Notes:

2392-class terminal are fairly reliable. The most common cause of failure is a bad power supply. The first step in refurbishing these terminals is to remove the top case and remove the power supply PCB. This PCB contains some metalised paper capacitors that are prone to failure (and smoking) with age. These capacitors are easily replaced.

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