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98200A Cartridge Tapes

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Name: 98200A Cartridge Tape
Product Number: 98200A
Introduced: 1975
Original Price: $95
Catalog Reference: Does not appear


Mini data tape cartridges for use in 98X5 computers, 987X tape units, 264X terminals, and 80 Series computers. 98200A was the part number for a 5-pack of 9162-0061 individual cartridges.

For a detailed tutorial on restoring these tapes and their drives, be sure to visit the site. Here.

Collector's Notes:

For years now, reading data from these old tapes has been almost a lost cause. The last mainstream computer that HP made which used these tapes was obsoleted in 1987 (the 85B). It is extremely rare to find a drive that will read one of these tapes unless that drive has been refurbished. Fortunately, refurbishing the old drives is relatively straightforward (see the link above). Unfortunately, even a pristine drive will not read a bad tape. One of the big problems with these tapes is that the metal oxide (that holds the data) has a tendency to flake off from the tape substrate. Other age-related and use problems (eg tape not being rewound) make these tapes very unreliable now. Even tapes which have never been used and come straight out of a wrapped package can have the oxide flaking problem. In our experience, fewer than 15 percent of these old tapes are readable.

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