2608A Printer

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Name: 2608A
Product Number: 2608A
Introduced: 1978
Division: Boise
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Original Price: $9900
Catalog Reference: 1979, page 639
Donated by: Ian Caine, Australian Dairy Corporation.


The 2608A was marketed as a medium-speed printer for connection to HP systems. This highly-reliable dot-matrix printer had a maximum print speed of 400 lines per minute. In graphics mode, it printed a full-page of data in 18 seconds. The built-in acoustic hood made the 2608A quieter than most dot matrix printers of the day. Characters were printed in a 5 x 7 dot cell matrix. The 2608A came standard with an HP-IB interface and could handle multipart forms.

The 2608A was a quick success for HP. The company sold over 1,800 untis in the first year.

The 2608S was introduced in May of 1982. It came with a different stand and offered an optional multipoint interface for remote print spooling. In October of 1982, the 2608S replaced the 2608A.

The 10,000th 2608 printer was sold to B.F. Goodrich in April of 1983.

The 2608S was obsoleted in August of 1984.

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