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Name: 2767A
Product Number: 2767A
Introduced: 1970
Division: Cupertino
Original Price: $11500
Catalog Reference: Does not appear
Donated by: Australian Computer Museum Society


The 2767A was a narrow-carriage full-character printer with a maximum print speed of 356 lines per minute (when printing all 80 columns). The 2767A was a "drum" impact printer. A rotating drum containing all characters sat behind the ribbon and paper which was impacted by hammers to create the image of each character. HP OEM'd the 2767A from Dataproducts (model 2310).

The 2767A also came in a bundled configuration (interface card, cables, etc) for 2000/1000 computers. The part number was 12984A.

Click here to view a 10 second historic video of this character printer printing graphics output (file size 1.2 MB). Original footage taken by Professor J.L. Keedy, provided with the permission of Professor John Rosenberg, Deakin University. Please note: printed image is rated PG15.

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