2762A Terminal Printer

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Name: 2762A Printing Terminal
Product Number: 2762A
Introduced: 1973
Division: Data Systems
Original Price: $4920
Catalog Reference: Does not appear
Donated by: The Computer History Museum (photo).


The 2762A was a printing terminal. It included a full typewriter-style keyboard and printed 75 columns. It came with an RS-232 interface (up to 300 baud), and printed at 30 characters per second. The 2762B was the wide-carriage version of the 2762A. It printed 120 columns and also had a maximum print speed of 120 characters per second. The 2762B was introduced in 1975 and operated at up to 1200 baud. The 2762B was a GE Terminet 1200 printing terminal.

The 2762A came in a bundle (cable, interface, etc) for 3000 computer systems. The part number was 30120A.

The 2672B was obsoleted in April of 1977.

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