Thermal Selection:

Name: 7310A
Product Number: 7310A
Introduced: 1979
Division: San Diego
Original Price: $4750
Catalog Reference: 1981, page 659
Donated by: Paul Schroeter, HP Australia.


The 7310A was a high speed (500 lines per minute) graphics printer. Graphics print resolution was 100 dots per inch. Text was printed in a 9 x 15 dot cell matrix. The 7310A featured an easy-to-load paper well. Users only had to drop o roll of new paper into the well and the printer would load and trim it automatically. The 7310A was not successful and lasted less than two years on the market. It had a feature set similar to the 9876A, but was more expensive and later to market.

The 7310A was obsoleted in October of 1981.

Collector's Notes:

The museum only has a single 7310A in the collection. It has a serial interface. After replacing the metalized paper capacitor near the AC input plug, the printer worked fine.

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