LaserJet II

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Name: LaserJet II
Product Number: 33440A
Introduced: 1987
Division: Boise
Ad: Click to see
Original Price: $2695
Catalog Reference: 1988, page 715


The LaserJet II replaced the LaserJet Plus. It had a new engine that printed at the same eight page per minute speed. It was also a single-bin printer. It came standard with built-in RS-232-C and Centronics interfaces. The LaserJet also had another interface slot for optional LAN cards. Memory was expandable to 4.5 MB (2MB were required to print a full page of graphics at 300 dot per inch resolutionm). The LaserJet II also had an additional slot (total of 2) for pluggable font cartridges. The LaserJet II was the first Canon SX engine laser printer on the market. Over One million LaserJet II printers were sold.

Click here to see the LaserJet II in an article on the Silicon Valley TV program "Computer Chronicles" in 1987. (1 minute 4 seconds, 4.4MB).

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