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Name: LaserJet IIP
Product Number: 33471A
Introduced: 1989
Division: Boise
Ad: Click to see, Click to see
Original Price: $1495
Catalog Reference: 1990, page 691
Donated by: Hewlett Packard Australia Ltd.


The LaserJet IIP was HP's first "personal" laser printer. It was based on the Canon LX engine and had a maximum print speed of four pagess per minute. It was the first laser printer to use a charged roller system instead of corona wires. This technology did not produce ozone gases and eliminated the need for ozone filters. The LaserJet IIP came standard with a 50-sheet multipurpose "lip" paper tray and an optional 250 sheet tray that fit under the machine. It included 512K RAM standard, expandable to 4.5MB. The LaserJet IIP offered both seiral and parallel interfaces as standard. The LaserJet IIP Plus was basically a cost-reduced version of the LaserJet IIP. It was introduced in 1991 under part number C2007A. The LaserJet IIP PLus omitted the serial interface and was priced at $1295. The LaserJet IIP was an unexpectedly slow seller for HP. Demand for personal laser printers was lower than expected, and after the introduction of the LaserJet III, many customers decided to wait for an RET version of the personal laser - the LaserJet IIIP.

Click here to see the LaserJet IIP in an article on the Silicon Valley TV program "Computer Chronicles" in 1992. (1 minute 51 seconds, 8.3MB).

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