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HP-125 with 82901

100 Series Selection:

Name: 125
Product Number: 45500A
Introduced: 1981
Division: General Systems
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Original Price: $4950
Catalog Reference: 1984, P. 599
Donated by: Paul Schroeter, HP Australia. Service manual donated by Christian Sperber, Senden Deutschland.


The 125 was the first of the 100 Series personal computers. It came equipped with two Zilog Z80 CPUs to run CP/M operating system. One of the CPUs was used to control terminal functions and I/O activities. The other was used for processing system commands and controlling HP-IB peripherals. The monitor and system unit were integrated into the same "ET Head" housing used by the 262X terminals. An optional internal thermal printer was available. All mass storage was modular and connected via HP-IB. The monochrome screen was twelve inches diagonally and supported 24-line by 80-character text output. The 125 came standard with 64K RAM.

The "B" version of the 125 was introduced in November of 1982 (at the time of the 120 introduction). The B version had a modified keyboard and improved system utilities.

Collector's Notes:

As of 2013, about 40 percent of the 125 computers in the museum are in working order. The most common failure is a bad motherboard, followed by defective power supply.

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