Business Desktops/Calcs

HP-120 with 9121

100 Series Selection:

Name: 120
Product Number: 45600A
Introduced: 1982
Division: Personal Office Computer
Original Price: $4550
Catalog Reference: 1984, P. 599


The 120 was the second computer released in the 100 Series. It had the same electronics and functionality as the 125. The 120 sported a more compact industrial design. Its nine inch screen had the same resolution as the 12 inch screen of the 125. Mass storage was modular, through the HP-IB interface; it was most commonly connected to the 9121, HP's new dual 3.5 inch disc drive. The $4,550 price included the 9121 disc drive.

Collector's Notes:

120 computers are much less common than the bigger 125 computers (probably about a fifth as common). We have found 120s to be very reliable. Of the four units at the museum, three are working. Our bad unit has a faulty CPU card and a faulty Terminal card (originally from different machines).

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