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HP-150II with 9153

100 Series Selection:

Name: 150 Touchscreen II
Product Number: 45849A
Introduced: 1985
Division: Personal Office Computer
Original Price: $2610
Catalog Reference: 1986, page 38
Donated by: Australian Computer Museum Society


The TouchscreenII (150II) replaced the 150. The touch screen feature was no longer standard, but rather a rarely-adopted option. The 150II had the same footprint as the 150, but came in a larger housing to accommodate its twelve inch screen. The new model was powered by an Intel 8088-2 CPU. It came standard with 256 KB of RAM, expandable to 640 KB. It also offered four expansion slots.

The 150II was also designed to solve the problem of "cable clutter" at the back of computers. All cables were hidden behind panels at the rear. HP built a special floppy disc drive for the 150II, the 9123. Although modular, the 9123 did not have its own power supply, but drew power from the 150II system unit. The 150II uses an HP-HIL keyboard (12V version) that is different than the keyboard used by the original 150.

Click here to see a short clip of the 150II demo program (file size 1.3 MB).

The Touchscreen II was discontinued in May of 1989.

Collector's Notes:

150IIs were very reliable in service but most of the units in the museum are showing their age. When recently checked, 4 of our units were failing self test or not starting at all. Three units have since been restored by replacing between 2 and 4 graphics RAM chips (4416) and over 10 Alpha RAM chips (4164) each! One had a bad ROM in its older set of firmware which was replaced with a 27256 but could have also been repaired by fitting a full set of the new version.

The power supplies and screens seem to be pretty reliable apart from the two 3.6V 2/3A size lithium cells, soldered deep in the power supply, that have gone flat (they had a 7-10 year expected life from new). If your 150II has a power on config error you every time you power it on, it is likely that these batteries need replacing. The power supply needs to be removed and the metal work removed to gain access to the circuit board.

The following ROM image files are available for download. All ROMs in the 150II are 27256 EPROM equivalents.

Older version ROMs

Newer version ROMs

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