1981 Promo Photo - 2680A

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Name: 2680A
Product Number: 2680A
Introduced: 1980
Division: Boise
Ad: Click to see, Click to see
Original Price: $108500
Catalog Reference: 1982, page 682


The 2680A was HP's first laser printer. The 2680A had a print resolution of 180 dots per inch and a top speed of 45 pages per minute. It printed on A/A4-size fanfold paper rather than cut sheet paper. The 2680A took almost five years to develop. It was based on a Canon print engine that had been previewed by HP in 1975. Original HP testing on Canon's prototype showed the print engine to be very unreliable with an MPBF (mean pages between failures) of only 250 pages. The original engine required a complete redesign.

The 2680A was designed to be sold in conjunction with HP 3000 computer systems. The 2680 "Laser Printing System" consisted of the 2680A printer and two software packages: Interactive Design System ($7,500) and Interactive Formatting System ($5,000). The 2680A was code named EPOC for "Electrophotographic printing on computer".

In 1983, HP introduced the 2685 remote printer station. This bundle included a 2680A and a controller for connection to an HP 3000 in a remote location.

In 1985, HP introduced the 2689A laser printing system. This system consisted of a 2680A printer and an external control unit for direct connection to IBM mainframes.

HP shipped 1500 units of the 2680A by the end of 1987.

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