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Pen Plotters Selection:

Name: 7550
Product Number: 7550
Introduced: 1984
Division: San Diego
Original Price: $3900
Catalog Reference: 1985, P. 100


The 7550 was the most advanced small plotter ever built. It had an incredible acceleration of 6g, making it one of the fastest plotters ever (and the most fun to watch). The 7550 had 8 pens and could plot on many types of media including paper, transparency film, vellum and polyester film. It was also the first plotter to include a sheet feeder, which allowed for unattended plotting. The 7550 had some minor limitations: its replot buffer was too small to be useful, it was big and it had a noisy fan. The 7550B offered the option of memory upgrades. Overall, the product never had a peer in the marketplace and it had a ten-year product life.

Collector's Notes:

7550s are very reliable. All 5 units that have come through the museum have worked. The only exception to this smooth operation is failure of the automatic paper loading mechanism. It is common for paper loading to fail five percent to twenty percent of the time. This can probably be improved by reconditioning the pinch rollers. The demo plot for the 7550 can be accessed by paging through the menu keys around the LCD screen. The 7550 used both the short-body fibre-tipped pens used by the 7470 and 7475 as well as the long-body roller ball and liquid ink pens used used by the large drafting plotters (with a different carousel for each type of pen). This plotter automatically adjusts pen speed and tip force for the different types of pens.


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