92153B 2601 Print Wheel

Impact Selection:

Name: 2601A Print Wheels
Product Number: 92153B
Introduced: 1981
Division: Direct Marketing Division
Original Price: $7.9
Catalog Reference: Does not appear


Print wheels (96-character) for the 2601A:

92252A  Pica 10
92252B  Courier 10
92252C  Manifold 10
92252D  APL-10
92252E  OCR-A 10
92252F  OCR-B 10
92252G  Courier Legal 10A
92252H  Elite 12
92252J  Prestige Elite Legal 12A
92252K  Courier 72
92252L  General Scientific
92252P  German Pica 10A
92252U  German Courier 10
92252V  German Elite 12
92252Q  French Pica 10
92252W  French Prestige Cubic 10
92252X  UK Courier 10
92252T  Kana Gothic Elite 12
92153U  Metlaized Titan 10
92153V  Metlaized Financial 10
92153W  Cubic PS 96
92153A  Metalized Titan 10 88-character ($58 each)
92153B  Metalized Pica 10 88-character
92153C  Metalized Elite 12 88-charactal
92153D  Metalized Letter Gothic 12 88-character
92153E  Metalized Bold PS 88-character

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