Roseville Terminals

Division name: Roseville Terminals

Founded: 1982
Address: 8000 Foothills Blvd, Roseville California
Overhead of HP Roseville Campus


In November of 1982, the terminal operations in Roseville became the Roseville Terminals Division with Larry Mitchell as general manager. In mid-1985, the division introduced the 2393A and 2623A graphics terminals. That year, the division also introduced the 35741 color monitor. The 35741 was used with the 2397A terminal and on 300 Series workstations. It was also the first color monitor used on Vectra PCs. In late 1984, HP shipped its 500,000th display terminal.

In September of 1987, RTD introduced the 700 Series of terminals. The 700 Series was a range of terminals for use on all the major HP and non-HP systems in the market. The 700 Series would be HP’s last push into the stand alone “green screen” business. The new low-cost terminals were very reliable and successful for HP.

In January of 1988, HP began consolidating all US manufacturing of portable, desktop and deskside PCs at the Roseville Terminals Division. In October of 1988, RTD shipped HP’s millionth CRT terminal (to the 3M company in Minnesota).

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