Computer Peripherals Bristol

Division name: Computer Peripherals Bristol

Founded: 1984
Address: Filton Road, Stoke Gifford, Bristol England.
Overhead of HP Bristol Campus


In July of 1981, HP announced plans to build a manufacturing facility in Bristol England for the Peripherals Group. In early 1983, HP began manufacturing disc drives in Bristol. The initial products manufactured in Bristol were the 7911, 7912 and 7914 disc/tape drives. The first product to come out of the plant was a 7912R on April 28 of 1983. In April of 1984, Bristol began manufacturing 7974 tape drives for the European market.

In February of 1984, the Computer Peripherals Bristol Operation was promoted to division status. The first general manager of the division was Doug Carnahan. In April of 1985, Ray Smelek became the general manager of the Computer Peripherals Bristol Division (CPB). In May of 1987, CPB began manufacturing 7936 and 7937 disc drives for the European market.

In July of 1988, CPB introduced the 9145A quarter-inch cartridge tape drive. In October of 1988, Bob Tillman was appointed general manager of CPB.

In February of 1990, CPB introduced HP’s first DAT drives, the 6400 Series Model 1300.

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