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97560 Hard Disc

Storage Selection:

Name: SCSI-2 Hard Discs
Product Number:
Introduced: 1991
Original Price: Unknown
Catalog Reference: Does not appear


In the early 1990s, HP marketed a variety of SCSI-2 interface hard discs. These products included: 97548, 97544, C2235, C2234, C2233, 97549, C2247, C3010, C3009, C3007, 97560, 97558 and 97556.

Collector's Notes:

These 5.25-inch disc drives are surprisingly reliable. In 2014, the museum had 15 units in stock, only two of which were defective. By comparison, the newer 3.5-inch SCSI drives from the early 1990s have had a failure rate of around forty percent to fifty percent.

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