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2870A Disc Drive

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Name: 2870A Disc Drive
Product Number: 2870A
Introduced: 1970
Original Price: $16000
Catalog Reference: Does not appear
Donated by: Jay Jaeger, Madison Wisconsin USA (photos)


The 2870A was an extremely rare disc drive for the 2114/5/6 computers. It included a fixed platter and a removable platter for a total storage capacity of 1.247 million words. The price included a 2871A disc controller, 2881 power supply ($1400 separately) and 2882A cabinet ($600 separately). The price for the 2870A disc drive alone was $8,400.

These drives were available for about a year from HP, not even long enough to make it into the HP catalog. They were made by the Iomec Company of Santa Clara California. The 2870A was replaced by HP's internally developed 7900A disc drive (which also included a fixed and removable platter) in 1971.

The museum has no documentation on the 2870A and is keen to acquire any.

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