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2397A with 35741 Monitor

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Name: 2397A
Product Number: 2397A
Introduced: 1985
Division: Roseville Terminals
Ad: Click to see
Original Price: $3095
Catalog Reference: 1987, page 97
Donated by: Carl Cristini Qenos, Altona Victoria


The 2397A was the first color terminal in the 239X range. It was a fully modular terminal with detachable keyboard (HP-HIL) and display. The 2397A worked with a number of different monitors, both color (usually the 35741) and monochrome. It could display eight colors from a pallette of 64 at 640 x 400 dot resolution.

Collector's Notes:

These terminals can sometimes have power supply problems or problems with a sticking on/off switch (40% of cases as of 2014).

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