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Name: 9142A Tape Drive
Product Number: 9142A
Introduced: 1985
Division: Greeley
Original Price: $1690
Catalog Reference: 1986, page 89


The 9142A is a somewhat rare quarter-inch cartridge tape drive designed for HP 150 and Vectra PCs. Tapes for this 16-track drive had a maximum storage capacity of 60 MB. The 9142A required the HP 88500A HP-IB interface card ($199) to connect to IBM-compatible PCs. The 9142A used the CS/80 command set.

The 9142A uses standard DC600/615 tapes which were no longer being made but still readily available in 2013. But, be careful; even tapes in their original new packaging may not work because the internal drive belt has become too stretched. The 9142A can also use the pre-formatted 88140 tapes that work in the 9144A. Once a 9142A formats an 88140 tape, that tape can never again be used in a 9144A (so don't do it, since the 88140 tapes are much more rare than the DC600 tapes).

Collector's Notes:

The 9142A suffers from the same capstan wheel degradation that afflicts the 9144A and 9145A. Please read the 9144A page for methods to fix this problem.

The 9142A requires a software utility to work with either a Touchscreen or IBM-compatible PC. The DOS utilities are here: 9142A DOS Utilities.

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