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45128-66501 Serial Card 260

250/260/300 Selection:

Name: 260/30-40 Video MUX Interface
Product Number: 45128A
Introduced: 1986
Division: Boeblingen General Systems
Original Price: $1230
Catalog Reference: Does not appear


Video MUX interface for HP 260/30-40 computer. Up to two of these boards may be installed into a 260. If a 45128A board is installed, then port 1 on that board must be the interface for the primary workstation (the primary workstation cannot be connected to one of the integrated serial ports on the CPU card).

This interface allows 35731 monitors to be used as terminals on the 260. The monitor is connected through the audio interface (45262-80211) to the MUX. Two cables are required from the MUX. A BNC to RCA cable connects the video signal from the MUX to the monitor. A 6-pin Male to male DIN cable (not mini-DIN) connects the terminal signals from the MUX to the audio interface. These cables are hard to find now. The connectors are still available. The pin outs for the DIN cable are straight through. An HP-HIL keyboard also connects in to the audio interface.

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