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7200A Plotter

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Name: 7200A Flatbed Plotter
Product Number: 7200A
Introduced: 1969
Division: San Diego
Ad: Click to see
Original Price: $3300
Catalog Reference: 1970, page 81
Donated by: Martin Willemsen, The Netherlands


The 720X plotters were graphics output devices for computer terminals connected to host computers. They worked with most terminals on the market (whereas the 9125 was a dedicated plotter for the 9100). These plotters had a single pen and could plot up to ten inches by 15 inches.

The 7200A ($3300) was a bit serial ASCII machine that operated at 110 baud with Teletype machines. The 7201A ($3300, 1970) was bit serial IBM correspondence, BCD, or EBCD and operated at 134.5 baud). The 7202A ($3575, 1971) was bit serial ASCII that could operate at either 110, 150 or 300 baud).

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