98X5 (Software)

9845B Text Management Entry Screen
Application Software
Name: 9845B Text Management
Associated Hardware: 9845B/C
Introduced: 1980
Product Number: 09845-10624
Media: 3.5 inch SS/DD
Original Price: Unknown
Division: Desktop Computer Division
Teledisk: 2.16


This program must surely be one of the most cumbersome, difficult-to-use and slow programs ever written. It's hard to imagine there ever could have been a time when someone would have found it easier to use this program than to manually type a document.

Unfortunately, this program is also a bit of a pain to re-create. The zip file contains two discs. Download the discs and copy them onto a single 8-inch floppy.

After you have copied the files to your 8-inch disc, you will need to create two data files:
- CREATE "DFALT",1,4008
- CREATE "CONV", 1, 2080

Now that your data files are created, you need to load them with the required data. Under the Product Documentation link below, you will find a document that contains the contents of these two files. You need to write the contents of each file using the ASSIGN # and PRINT # technique. For Example:
PRINT #1;(in this space, type in each data item separated by a comma)

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