800 Series (Software)

Operating system
Name: HP-UX 10.20 for 9000/800
Associated Hardware: 9000/800
Introduced: 1996
Product Number: B3782
Media: .hpi
Original Price: Unknown


This disc image (147MB) contains a full install of HP-UX 10.2 for 9000/8X7 computers. This software will not run on 8X5 or earlier computers. Console output for these computers comes from a MUX card, with the console cable connected to port 0 of the distribution panel. To run this image, your computer requires 64MB of RAM, an HP-IB card and a MUX card. This image requires the use of the -nosleep command with hpdrive. To use this image with your 8X7 (or later) computer, issue the command:

C>hpdrive -nosleep -C2203 HP-UX10.2-Full_8X7_C2203.hpi

In the example above, you will be booting from HP-IB address 0. After the system boots and you are prompted to enter a console logon, the username is root. No password is required.

The original software came on a CD. Running this operating system from an HP-IB disc is MUCH slower than running from a SCSI disc. The compressed size of the ISO file is 420MB. Please contact us if you would like to obtain this software.

Documentation for this software can be found here.

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