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A990 20-slot Box

1000, L/A Series Selection:

Name: 1000 A990
Product Number: 2959A
Introduced: 1990
Division: Measurement and Control Systems
Original Price: $27700
Catalog Reference: 1991, page 642
Donated by: Bruce Claremont, Florence Colorado USA


The A990 was introduced in 1990. It operated at twice the speed of the A900. The A990 came in two configurations: 20-slot box computer (2959A, $32,285) and MICRO system (2939A, $27,700). The A990 was capable of 15 MIPS and could accomodate up to 32 MB of RAM.

Collector's notes:

These computers are still very reliable. As of 2015, the museum has had two units, both of which were fully functional. The best way to check functionality is to remove all interface cards except the console interface which will go through a 12040 MUX card or a 12005 ASIC card. Your card cage will only have the CPU board, memory board(s) and the console interface. Set the dip switch setting on the CPU board to OCCCCCCC (switches 1 to 8, O = open, C = closed).

A bootable disc image of the latest software for this computer can be found here.

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