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Name: 9114 Disc Drive
Product Number: 9114
Introduced: 1984
Division: Greeley
Original Price: $795
Catalog Reference: 1985, page 59


The 9114A/B was a portable, A/C or battery powered, 3.5 inch floppy disc drive designed for use with HP's Portable 110 computer. It was a DS/DD drive with discs holding 710KB of data. It had an HP-IL interface for connection to other HP-IL computers (eg 75 or 41). The 9114B was introduced in February of 1986. The 9114B was twice as fast as the 9114A and offered a longer battery life (and battery life indicator).

The price of the 9114B was reduced to $595 on September 1, 1987.

Collector's Notes:

9114 disc drives are very reliable. These disc drives come with a rechargeable battery. If this battery has not been replaced since new, it will be dead. Fortunately, the 9114 can still operate on AC power (with the AC adaptor) with a dead battery. These batteries are easy to replace and do not require rebuilding. These batteries are 6-volt sealed lead acid (SLA). The most important thing is to get the dimensions right. The correct dimensions are 98mm H x 33mm W x 66mm L. The Power-Sonic PS-628 will work for this purpose. Be sure to remove the battery if you aren't going to use the drive for a few months or more. Otherwise, the battery will drain and won't charge to the same level on the next re-charge.

Another problem that can afflict the 9114 (in about 25% of cases) is a sticky drive-eject mechanism. This is caused by an accumulation of grease and dust in the mechanism. To fix this problem, remove the top case so the drive-eject mechanism is exposed. Spray a small amount of isopropyl alchohol onto the moving parts of the mechanism. Insert and eject a flexible disc (a few times if possible). Blow dry the mechanism with compresed air. Repeat this process until the mechanism operates freely (this may take up to five or ten iterations).

Click here for more information on troubleshooting and fixing 9114 problems.


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