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Name: 7963B Disc Drive
Product Number: 7963B
Introduced: 1988
Division: Disc Memory
Original Price: $10750
Catalog Reference: 1989, page 710
Donated by: Paul Jones, Victoria.


The 7963B could house up to three hard disc drives, each with a capacity of 304 MB. The 7963B featured an average seek time of 17 ms and a burst transfer rate of 1.25 MB/s. The 7963B was introduced with an HP-IB interface. The 7962B had a storage capacity of 152 MB and was priced at $6,300.

The 7961/2/3 used the CS/80 command set.

Collector's Notes:

As of 2013, the museum had tested four of these drives. The internal discs are more prone to failure than other HP hard discs of the time. About half were functional.

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