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Name: 6300 Series Magneto Optical
Product Number: C1701A
Introduced: 1989
Division: Greeley
Original Price: $6435
Catalog Reference: 1990, page 684


The 6300 Series represented a new storage technology for HP - rewritable optical discs. The 650/A (P/N C1701A) was a SCSI-interface drive that held a single, removable 650 MB disc. The 20GB/A (P/N C1711A) was a jukebox system that held up to 32 discs. These drives were positioned between hard disc drives and tape drives.

Unlike the 600/A, the 650/A did not require a caddy with which to load and unload media. Click here to see media loading for the 650/A (16 sec - 3.3 MB).

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