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98228A ROM for 9885/9895

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Name: 98228A 9885/9895 ROM for 9825
Product Number: 98228A
Introduced: 1980
Division: Desktop Computer Division
Original Price: Unknown
Catalog Reference: Does not appear


The 98228A ROM allowed the 9825 to work with both the 9885M and the 9895A disc drives. It also allowed the 9825T to initialize discs without the need for the 9885 utility tape. This ROM only works with the 9825T; the 98228A requires use of the extra memory in the 9825T. Although it is not stated in the manual, discs initialized with a 9825T using a 98228A ROM cannot be read by 9825A/B using the normal 98217A ROM. Discs initialized using a 98228A ROM can only be read by a 9825T with a 98228A ROM. A 9825T with a 98228A ROM can read discs which were initialized by 9825A/B using the 98217A ROM and utility tape.

The museum has archived an image of an initialised 8" floppy disc that will work with either the 98228A ROM or the 98217A ROM. This image can be turned into a physical disc by using the HPdir utility. The physical disc is SS/DD and can be used in either the 9885 or 9895A disc drive.

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