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12040-60003 MUX Interface

1000, L/A Series Selection:

Name: 12040D MUX Interface
Product Number: 12040D
Introduced: 1983
Division: Roseville Networks
Original Price: $2530
Catalog Reference: Does not appear


8-channel Asynchronous MUX for A-Series computers.

Collector's notes:

To use your 12040 board as the interface for your console, set the dip switches to COCOCCOO (O = open, C = closed). Make sure that no other interface card in your system has dip 1 set to C (otherwise you will have a VCP conflict). Configure your terminal to the following settings:

Baud: 9600, Parity: none/8, Enq/Ack: YES
Asterisk: OFF, ChkParity: No, SR(CH): LO
RecvPace: Xon/Xoff, XmitPace: None, CS(CB)Xmit: NO .

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