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28655-60001 SCSI/Parallel Adapter

800 Series Selection:

Name: 28655-60001 SCSI/Parallel Adapter
Product Number: 28655-60001
Introduced: 1990
Division: Roseville Networks
Original Price: $1950
Catalog Reference: Does not appear


Single-ended SCSI-Parallel adapter for 9000/800 computers. The 28655A is designed for use in HP 9000 systems. HP 3000 computers don't support the parallel output that this card offers. However, the 28655A may be used in 3000 computers. When used in a 3000 computer, the 28655A will behave like a 28642A (which is the exact same product, but with SCSI output only).

Collector's Notes:

These interfaces are very reliable. As of 2013, we have tested six of them, and all have worked.

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