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2020B aka 7975A

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Name: 2020 Tape Drive
Product Number: 2020
Introduced: 1966
Division: Datamec
Ad: Click to see
Original Price: $12500
Catalog Reference: 1967, page 91
Donated by: Sheila Isaacs, Shoreham New York


The first tape drives for HP computers were the Kennedy record-only tape drives. These drives recorded on IBM-compatible half-inch 7-channel NRZI tape. They had a recording speed of 400 characters per second. The Kennedy 1406 was priced at $6,400 and the Kennedy 1506 was priced at $7,650 (with a larger reel capacity).

The 2116A computer could both write to and read from the 2020A. The 2020A also went by the part numbers D2020 and H26-2020A. The 2020A had a bit density of 200 bpi. Its tape speed was 30 inches per second. The original 2020 (the D2020) was a 7-track only machine, whereas subsequent models provided either 7-track or 9-track operation. The 2020B was introduced in 1967 and offered a record density of either 200 bpi or 556 bpi.

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