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HP began publishing OEM News in late 1981. OEM News was a monthly magazine for HP's value-added business partners (who were primarily OEMs). The purpose of the magazine was to provide a single source of information to keep channel partners current on matters related to the computer business. OEM News contained much of the same information that was in the Computer News magazine for HP sales people. OEM News ran articles on new product introductions, price changes, promotions, customer upgrades, product obsolescence, support programs and other issues of interest to HP channel partners.

In October of 1983, HP changed the name of the magazine to Computer Focus.

In April of 1986, HP changed the name of the magazine again, this time to HP Channels.

The museum's OEM News and Computer Focus collections were donated by Helmut Reinhardt. Most of the museum's HP Channels collection was donated by Barry Silverton of Computer Applications in Sydney, Australia. These magazines are a great resource for the museum; our collection is not yet complete. Please contact us if you know how we might obtain any issues we are missing.

OEM News For HP Business Partners

HP Channels For HP Channel Partners



Mar Issue - OEMNews_1982_Mar_25pages_OCR.pdf

Apr Issue - OEMNews_1982_Apr_17pages_OCR.pdf

May Issue - OEMNews_1982_May_21pages_OCR.pdf

Jun Issue - OEMNews_1982_Jun_25pages_OCR.pdf

Jul Issue - OEMNews_1982_Jul_21pages_OCR.pdf

Aug Issue - OEMNews_1982_Aug_21pages_OCR.pdf

Sep Issue - OEMNews_1982_Sep_33pages_OCR.pdf

Oct Issue - OEMNews_1982_Oct_25pages_OCR.pdf

Nov Issue - OEMNews_1982_Nov_23pages_OCR.pdf

Dec Issue - OEMNews_1982_Dec_25pages_OCR.pdf


Jan Issue - OEMNews_1983_Jan_25pages_OCR.pdf

Feb Issue - OEMNews_1983_Feb_21pages_OCR.pdf

Apr Issue - OEMNews_1983_Apr_27pages_OCR.pdf

May Issue - OEMNews_1983_May_21pages_OCR.pdf

Jun Issue - OEMNews_1983_Jun_31pages_OCR.pdf

Jul Issue - OEMNews_1983_Jul_39pages_OCR.pdf

Aug Issue - OEMNews_1983_Aug_31pages_OCR.pdf

Sep Issue - OEMNews_1983_Sep_29pages_OCR.pdf

Oct Issue - ComputerFocus_1983_Oct_25pages_OCR.pdf

Nov Issue - ComputerFocus_1983_Nov_21pages_OCR.pdf


Jan Issue - ComputerFocus_1984_Jan_21pages_OCR.pdf

Feb Issue - ComputerFocus_1984_Feb_21pages_OCR.pdf

Mar Issue - ComputerFocus_1984_Mar_25pages_OCR.pdf

Apr Issue - ComputerFocus_1984_Apr_21pages_OCR.pdf

Jun Issue - ComputerFocus_1984_Jun_17pages_OCR.pdf

Sep Issue - ComputerFocus_1984_Sep_21pages_OCR.pdf

Oct Issue - ComputerFocus_1984_Oct_21pages_OCR.pdf

Dec Issue - ComputerFocus_1984_Dec_25pages_OCR.pdf


Jan Issue - ComputerFocus_1985_Jan_25pages_OCR.pdf

Mar Issue - ComputerFocus_1985_Mar_25pages_OCR.pdf

Apr Issue - ComputerFocus_1985_Apr_23pages_OCR.pdf

May Issue - ComputerFocus_1985_May_29pages_OCR.pdf

Jun Issue - ComputerFocus_1985_Jun_17pages_OCR.pdf

Jul Issue - ComputerFocus_1985_Jul_25pages_OCR.pdf

Sep Issue - ComputerFocus_1985_Sep_29pages_OCR.pdf

Nov Issue - ComputerFocus_1985_Nov_25pages_OCR.pdf


Issue - HPChannels_1986_8_33pages_Aug86_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPChannels_1986_9_29pages_Sep86_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPChannels_1986_10_25pages_Oct86_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPChannels_1986_11_37pages_Nov86_OCR.pdf

Jan Issue - ComputerFocus_1986_Jan_21pages_OCR.pdf

Feb Issue - ComputerFocus_1986_Feb_17pages_OCR.pdf

May Issue - HPChannels_1986_5_May_21pages_OCR.pdf

Dec Issue - HPChannels_1986_12_Dec_33pages_OCR.pdf


Issue - HPChannels_1987_1_33pages_Jan87_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPChannels_1987_2_21pages_Feb87_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPChannels_1987_3_33pages_Mar87_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPChannels_1987_4_29pages_Apr87_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPChannels_1987_5_25pages_May87_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPChannels_1987_6_36pages_Jun87_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPChannels_1987_7_35pages_Jul87_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPChannels_1987_8_33pages_Aug87_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPChannels_1987_9_37pages_Sep87_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPChannels_1987_10_49pages_Oct87_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPChannels_1987_11_25pages_Nov87_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPChannels_1987_12_29pages_Dec87_OCR.pdf


Issue - HPChannels_1988_1_29pages_Jan88_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPChannels_1988_2_33pages_Feb88_OCR.pdf

Issue - HHPChannels_1988_3_33pages_Mar88_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPChannels_1988_4_37pages_Apr88_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPChannels_1988_5_31pages_May88_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPChannels_1988_6_41pages_Jun88_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPChannels_1988_7_29pages_Jul88_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPChannels_1988_8_31pages_Aug88_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPChannels_1988_12_33pages_Dec88_OCR.pdf


Issue - HPChannels_1989_1_23pages_Jan89_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPChannels_1989_11_39pages_Nov89_OCR.pdf

Feb Issue - HPChannels_1989_2_29pages_Feb89_OCR.pdf

Mar Issue - HPChannels_1989_3_25pages_Mar89_OCR.pdf

Apr Issue - HPChannels_1989_4_21pages_Apr89_OCR.pdf

May Issue - HPChannels_1989_5_25pages_May89_OCR.pdf

Jun Issue - HPChannels_1989_6_25pages_Jun89_OCR.pdf

Jul Issue - HPChannels_1989_7_25pages_Jul89_OCR.pdf

Aug Issue - HPChannels_1989_8_21pages_Aug89_OCR.pdf

Oct Issue - HPChannels_1989_10_29pages_Oct89_OCR.pdf

Dec Issue - HPChannels_1989_12_25pages_Dec89_OCR.pdf


Issue - HPChannels_1990_1_33pages_Jan90_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPChannels_1990_2_37pages_Feb90_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPChannels_1990_4_33pages_Apr90_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPChannels_1990_5_37pages_May90_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPChannels_1990_6_41pages_Jun90_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPChannels_1990_7_49pages_Jul90_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPChannels_1990_8_41pages_Aug90_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPChannels_1990_9_31pages_Sep90_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPChannels_1990_10_49pages_Oct90_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPChannels_1990_11_29pages_Nov90_OCR.pdf

Issue - HPChannels_1990_12_29pages_Dec90_OCR.pdf

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