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The Portable Paper was published by Personalized Software of Fairfield, Iowa. The publication was a newsletter for users of the HP Portable and the Portable Plus. The newsletter was launched in January of 1986, only shortly before HP decided to discontinue development of the Portable family. Despite the limited audience and and obsolete product line, The Portable Paper ran for six years. This outstanding publication provides a wealth of information on user tips, software and add on products for the Portable and Portable Plus.

From 1988 through 1991, The Portable Paper issued a subscriber's disc to its readers. The discs contained programs for use with the Portable and Portable Plus (and later for the Vectra Portable CS and LS/12 computers). That software can be found here.

Personalized Software changed its name to Thaddeus Computing in 1991 and launched The HP Palmtop Paper for the new HP 95LX. The HP Palmtop Paper ran in print form (editions below) into the year 2000. HTML versions of the content from the 1991-2000 issue can be found at Thaddeus Computing's HP 200LX web site palmtoppaper.com, which remains active and contains additional resources for HP Palmtop users as well as information about buying, selling and repairing HP Palmtops.

The museum's collection was donated by Hal Goldstein, the editor of The Portable Paper and The HP Palmtop Paper. Scanning and contact with the museum was provided by Dave Frederickson.

The Portable Paper Users Newsletter

The HP Palmtop Paper Users Newsletter

Index for 1986 thru 1989 editions - ThePortablePaper_Index_1986-1989_16pages_OCR.pdf


Mar-Apr Issue - ThePortablePaperV1N2_32pages_Mar-Apr 86 _OCR.pdf

May-Jun Issue - ThePortablePaperV1N3_36pagesMay-Jun 86_OCR.pdf

Jul-Aug Issue - ThePortablePaperV1N4_40pagesJul-Aug 86_OCR.pdf

Sep-Oct Issue - ThePortablePaperV1N5_36pagesSep-Oct 86_OCR.pdf

Nov-Dec Issue - ThePortablePaperV1N6_40pagesNov-Dec 86_OCR.pdf

Jan-Feb Issue - ThePortablePaperV1N1_28pagesJan_86_OCR.pdf


Jan-Feb Issue - ThePortablePaperV2N1_40pagesJan-Feb 87_OCR.pdf

Mar-Apr Issue - ThePortablePaperV2N2_40pagesMar-Apr_87_OCR .pdf

May-Jun Issue - ThePortablePaperV2N3_48pagesMay-Jun 87_OCR.pdf

Jul-Aug Issue - ThePortablePaperV2N4_48pagesJul-Aug 87_OCR.pdf

Sep-Oct Issue - ThePortablePaperV2N5_52pagesSep-Oct 87_OCR.pdf

Nov-Dec Issue - ThePortablePaperV2N6_52pagesNov-Dec 87_OCR.pdf


Jan-Feb Issue - ThePortablePaperV3N1_48pages_Jan-Feb 88_OCR.pdf

Mar-Apr Issue - ThePortablePaperV3N2_52pages_Mar-Apr 88_OCR.pdf

May-Jun Issue - ThePortablePaperV3N3_52pages_May-Jun 88_OCR.pdf

Jul-Aug Issue - ThePortablePaperV3N4_52pages_Jul-Aug 88_OCR.pdf

Sep-Oct Issue - ThePortablePaperV3N5_48pages_Sep-Oct 88_OCR.pdf

Nov-Dec Issue - ThePortablePaperV3N6_48pages_Nov-Dec 88_OCR.pdf


Jan-Feb Issue - ThePortablePaperV4N1_48pagesJan-Feb_89_OCR.pdf

Mar-Apr Issue - ThePortablePaperV4N2_48pages_Mar-Apr 89_OCR.pdf

May-Jun Issue - ThePortablePaperV4N3_48pages_May-Jun 89_OCR.pdf

Jul-Aug Issue - ThePortablePaperV4N4_48pages_Jul-Aug 89_OCR.pdf

Sep-Oct Issue - ThePortablePaperV4N5_48pages_Sep-Oct 89_OCR.pdf

Nov-Dec Issue - ThePortablePaperV4N6_44pages_Nov-Dec 89_OCR.pdf


Jan-Feb Issue - ThePortablePaperV5N1_48pages_Jan-Feb 90_OCR.pdf

Mar-Apr Issue - ThePortablePaperV5N2_48pages_Mar-Apr 90_OCR.pdf

May-Jun Issue - ThePortablePaperV5N3_48pages_May-Jun 90_OCR.pdf

Jul-Aug Issue - ThePortablePaperV5N4_48pages_Jul-Aug 90_OCR.pdf

Sep-Oct Issue - ThePortablePaperV5N5_48pages_Sep-Oct 90_OCR.pdf

Nov-Dec Issue - ThePortablePaperV5N6_48pages_Nov-Dec 90_OCR.pdf


Jan-Feb Issue - ThePortablePaperV6N1_48pages_Jan-Feb 91_OCR.pdf

Mar-Apr Issue - ThePortablePaperV6N2_44pages_Mar-Apr 91_OCR.pdf

May-Jun Issue - ThePortablePaperV6N3_48pages_May-Jun 91_OCR.pdf

Jul-Aug Issue - ThePortablePaperV6N4_44pages_Jul-Aug 91_OCR.pdf

Sep-Oct Issue - ThePortablePaperV6N5_36pages_Sep-Oct 91_OCR.pdf

Nov-Dec Issue - ThePortablePaperV6N6_24pages_Nov-Dec 91_OCR.pdf

Fall Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V1N0_48pgs_Fall91_OCR.pdf

Equip Exchange Issue - PortableEquipmentExchange_1991_16pgs.pdf


Jan-Feb Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V1N1_48pgs_Jan-Feb92_OCR.pdf

Mar-Apr Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V1N2_52pgs_Mar_Apr92_OCR.pdf

May-Jun Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V1N3_52pgs_May-Jun92_OCR.pdf

Jul-Aug Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V1N4_52pgs_Jul-Aug92_OCR.pdf

Sep-Oct Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V1N5_56pgs_Sep-Oct92_OCR.pdf

Nov-Dec Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V1N6_72pgs_Nov-Dec92_OCR.pdf


Jan-Feb Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V2N1_60pgs_Jan-Feb93_OCR.pdf

Mar-Apr Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V2N2_60pgs_Mar-Apr93_OCR.pdf

May-Jun Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V2N3_64pgs_May-Jun93_OCR.pdf

Jul-Aug Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V2N4_60pgs_Jul-Aug93_OCR.pdf

Sep-Oct Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V2N5_60pgs_Sep-Oct93_OCR.pdf

Nov-Dec Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V2N6_64pgs_Nov-Dec93_OCR.pdf

Jan-Feb Supp Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V2N1_AdvertisingSupplement_1993_Jan-Feb_4pgs.pdf


Jan-Feb Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V3N1_60pgs_Jan-Feb94_OCR.pdf

Mar-Apr Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V3N2_60pgs_Mar-Apr94_OCR.pdf

May-Jun Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V3N3_68pgs_May-Jun94_OCR.pdf

Jul-Aug Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V3N4_68pgs_Jul-Aug94_OCR.pdf

Sep-Oct Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V3N5_68pgs_Sep-Oct94_OCR.pdf

Nov-Dec Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V3N6_52pgs_Nov-Dec94_OCR.pdf

Bonus 1 Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V3B1_48pgs_1994_OCR.pdf

Bonus 2 Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V3B2_56pgs_1994_OCR.pdf


Jan-Feb Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V4N1_60pgs_Jan-Feb95_OCR.pdf

Mar-Apr Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V4N2_60pgs_Mar-Apr95_OCR.pdf

May-Jun Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V4N3_52pgs_May-Jun95_OCR.pdf

Jul-Aug Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V4N4_52pgs_Jul-Aug95_OCR.pdf

Sep-Oct Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V4N5_56pgs_Sep-Oct95_OCR.pdf

Nov-Dec Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V4N6_68pgs_Nov-Dec95_OCR.pdf

Bonus 1 Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V4B1_52pgs_1995_OCR.pdf

Bonus 2 Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V4B2_68pgs_1995_OCR.pdf


Jan-Feb Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V5N1_64pgs_Jan-Feb96_OCR.pdf

Mar-Apr Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V5N2_56pgs_Mar-Apr96_OCR.pdf

May-Jun Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V5N3_64pgs_May-Jun96_OCR.pdf

Jul-Aug Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V5N4_60pgs_Jul-Aug96_OCR.pdf

Sep-Oct Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V5N5_60pgs_Sep-Oct96_OCR.pdf

Nov-Dec Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V5N6_64pgs_Nov-Dec96_OCR.pdf


Jan-Feb Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V6N1_64pgs_Jan-Feb97_OCR.pdf

Mar-Apr Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V6N2_60pgs_Mar-Apr97_OCR.pdf

May-Jun Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V6N3_52pgs_May-Jun97_OCR.pdf

Jul-Aug Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V6N4_40pgs_Jul-Aug97_OCR.pdf

Sep-Oct Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V6N5_40pgs_Sep-Oct97_OCR.pdf

Nov-Dec Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V6N6_48pgs_Nov-Dec97_OCR.pdf


Jan-Feb Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V7N1_40pgs_Jan-Feb98_OCR.pdf

Mar-Apr Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V7N2_40pgs_Mar-Apr98_OCR.pdf

May-Jun Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V7N3_40pgs_May-Jun98_OCR.pdf

Jul-Aug Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V7N4_40pgs_Jul-Aug98_OCR.pdf

Sep-Oct Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V7N5_36pgs_Sep-Oct98_OCR.pdf

Nov-Dec Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V7N6_40pgs_Nov-Dec98_OCR.pdf

Catalog Issue - TheUltimatePalmtopCatalog_16pages_1998.pdf

Fall Catalog Issue - TheUltimatePalmtopCatalog_1998_Fall_16pgs.pdf

Summer Catalog Issue - TheUltimatePalmtopCatalog_1998_Summer_16pgs.pdf

Winter Catalog Issue - TheUltimatePalmtopCatalog_1998-1999_Winter_16pgs.pdf


Jan-Feb Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V8N1_40pgs_Jan-Feb99_OCR.pdf

Mar-Apr Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V8N2_36pgs_Mar-Apr99_OCR.pdf

May-Jun Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V8N3_36pgs_May-Jun99_OCR.pdf

Jul-Aug Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V8N4_36pgs_Jul-Aug99_OCR.pdf

Sep-Oct Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V8N5_36pgs_Sep-Oct99_OCR.pdf

Nov-Dec Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V8N6_36pgs_Nov-Dec99_OCR.pdf

Jan-Mar Catalog Issue - TheUltimatePalmtopCatalog_1999_JanMar_16pgs.pdf

Spring Catalog Issue - TheUltimatePalmtopCatalog_1999_Spring_16pgs.pdf

Summer Catalog Issue - TheUltimatePalmtopCatalog_1999_Summer_16pgs.pdf

Autumn Catalog Issue - TheUltimatePalmtopCatalog_1999_Autumn_16pgs.pdf

Late Summer Catalog Issue - TheUltimatePalmtopCatalog_1999_LateSummer_16pgs.pdf


Jan-Feb Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V9N1_36pgs_Jan-Feb00_OCR.pdf

Mar-Apr Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V9N2_32pgs_Mar-Apr00_OCR.pdf

May-Jun Issue - TheHPPalmtopPaper_V9N3_36pgs_May-Jun00_OCR.pdf

Feb Catalog Issue - TheUltimatePalmtopCatalog_2000_February_16pgs.pdf

Apr Catalog Issue - TheUltimatePalmtopCatalog_2000_April_4pgs.pdf

Summer Catalog Issue - TheUltimatePalmtopCatalog_2000_LateSummerEarlyFall_16pgs.pdf

Winter Catalog Issue - TheUltimatePalmtopCatalog_2000_Winter_16pgs.pdf


Winter Catalog Issue - TheUltimatePalmtopCatalog_2000-2001_Winter_16pgs.pdf

Spring Sum Catalog Issue - TheUltimatePalmtopCatalog_2001Spring_Summer_16pgs.pdf


2003 - 2005 Catalog Issue - TheUltimatePalmtopCatalog_2003-2005_16pgs.pdf

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